My 2010 GX Toyota Prado 150 Series is the muscle behind this trip and a capable Tow Vehicle. The previous owners had kindly run in the motor for me with 299,000 on the clock.

Trusty Troopy… with the converted camper and rooftop tent.

Purchased in 2015 to replace my Toyota Troop Carrier the Prado has proven itself as a reliable work horse for transporting the van or boat.

Tow Vehicle
Cleaned in prep for the trip. It then rained for 5 days straight!

To prepare for the trip it became necessary to put new suspension on and unfortunately the Turbo was needing rebuilding and the water pump didn’t want to be left out.

We purchased a set of drawers to increase the storage and help secure the fridge.

Keep an eye out for me on the road on my Midlife Adventure and say hi! I’ll be on UHF 40 and can be identified by the below sticker on both the car and van.

On 16th October 2019 the Prado was laid to rest in Broome, WA after the Motor decided to die. With just over 340,000km completed and a lot of money spent on it to do this trip unfortunately the motor broke.

I got around 40,000km out of it over the time I owned it and 25,000km of that were on this trip.

It is not a complete loss with many of the accessories being transferred across to the new tow vehicle.

RIP Prado