Day 184 – 16/11/2019 on a Midlife Adventure at Sea.

By the time I woke up we were already in the first of the Sounds (Milford Sound) in the Fiordland National Park where we would be cruising through the day.

Fiordland National Park

When we arrived the Noordam had already arrived and we would follow them for most of the day.

The weather had not got any better however so the view was a little foggy and a lot cold!

One of the benefits of the rain that had been coming was that we got to see a lot of water flowing. Having left Australia in drought it would be great to ship that water west.

There is a small tour that departs the ship and includes an overnight stay before rejoining the ship in Dunedin. There are also tours that operate for those from Milford Township. Today I was very happy to be on our ship than that little boat.

More waterfalls as we go ever so close to the shoreline.

I’m sure there are mountain peaks above that cloud but I’m not going to see that today.

After we depart Milford Sound there is a lecture in Two70 on the Fiords. This would have been great had the group sitting by the window not found that they needed to talk louder to each other to be heard over the microphone which in an ampitheatre meant I could hear their conversation better than the person speaking.

We then went back out to sea before entering Doubtful Sound. Captain Cook named it as he was doubtful that if he went in there he could get out. At the time he considered it a Bay but was later recognised as a Sound as it had island surrounding it.

The weather not much improving however with a Balcony room to return to keep me warm between photos greatly appreciated.

Lastly we went into Dusky Sound.

The weather did improve during the latter part of the day.

So we head out of the Fiordland National Park and make our way through the Foveaux Strait on our way to Dunedin.

Our waiters did a dance for us and we waved napkins in the air.

So another day is done and dusted and I look forward to getting off the ship tomorrow in Dunedin on this Midlife Adventure at Sea.