Day 186 – 18/11/2019 on a Midlife Adventure at Sea

The captain cranked the Ovation of the Seas up last night to power into Wellington, NZ by morning. It was a late arrival around 10am.

Yesterday’s weather has departed again so out with the warm clothes again.

The tugs came along side to help get us into the dock, they’d come in handy later in the day.

Wellington Train Station

We jumped on buses to two stops around Wellington my target for the morning was the Te Papa Museum.

I have been very impressed in the past with Te Papa with the quality of the exhibits and today was no different.

Kiwi Birds

There was a major exhibit on Gallipoli.

Using the skills of Peter Jackson’s team at Weta Workshops they have built some 2x normal size exhibits of people from the war.

These models are very realistic with close ups looking very real.

They also have more modern exhibits including this weird space.

They are thousands of strands of fishing wire with paper randomly located on different levels. My favourite was the sign that if you dropped your phone in the middle of it you wouldn’t get it back for months.

They also have the more classic art gallery.

The weather was starting to clear a little so I ventured outside.

Only to discover that it hadn’t improved that much so I got wet!

That left me time to find somewhere nearby for lunch.

So back for more chowder to keep me warm.

Heading back into town with a warm belly I headed to the Wellington Cable car.

The tram rises up on about a 17deg angle up the entire hill and operates as a public transport system.

The original tram operated from 1902 and the museum includes some of the original rolling stock.

The observatory located on the hill and the botanic gardens a great walk. I just took some pictures of the Wellington region.

Wellington, NZ

Heading back into town I did some shopping before walking to the bus stop.

Then it was back to the ship ready for departure.

Heading out to a special dinner at Chops Grill tonight I tucked into some great steak.

It was as dinner was finishing that I noticed we weren’t going very far when the captain came on the PA to inform us that they had shut down engines and tugs were going to hold us in position.

The rumour was that we ran out of water under the ship and I would not be surprised if this was the case, however it was never confirmed.

After we got going again it was off to the theatre to watch a production show.

After a few drinks it was time to hit the sack ready for another big day on this Midlife Adventure.