Day 19 – 4/6/19

It was a very cold night but i’m setup for it thankfully including a thick blanket and portable heater. Unfortunately I didn’t see any snow, and if there was some at 2am I wasn’t going outside to find out.

Whilst still overcast with drizzle I headed out to the information centre where the council runs a tour of the local area each day at 10am.

The tour starts with a drive around town looking at the churches and other historical buildings.

Then off to The Aboriginal Cultural Centre where there is an art gallery with cultural artefacts and paintings.

This is located very close to our next stop the New England Regional Art Museum which holds an impressive collection of art from well known Australian Artists.

From there it is off to the Railway museum, once a major hub in the train network now managed by one person to look after ticketing. The volunteers here gave a short talk on the local railway history and a coffee/tea and biscuit for a gold coin donation.

Armidale Railway Museum

Armidale is a regional hub for education with many public and private schools including boarding schools and a university. The University of New England (UNE) has an impressive campus with the admin building housed in the home built by John Horbury Hunt for Frederick Robert White and his family. A small 60 room building it was built high on the hill overlooking Armidale.

Booloominbah House

One of the most impressive elements of this property is the stained glass windows. Check out the gallery below to see some of these.

From there it was back to town, being a good inside day I then headed to the track as it was a race day (and is next door to the showgrounds where I am staying). 

Race 3 – Armidale

With the weather on the improve tomorrow it is time to head over towards the coast and start my adventure there.

It’s a Midlife Adventure