Day 4 – 20/5/2019

There were no real plans for today but in speaking to another camper they mentioned Big Lizzy in the nearby town of Red Cliff.

It is an interesting machine and it could certainly hold a decent amount of weight but it didn’t get anywhere fast and looking at it nor quietly.

I then headed off to the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, I had driven past it a few days earlier and it appears on the list of things to not miss in the area. They have a large park with a tree lined driveway.

Quiet on a Monday I can be sure it gets its share of visitors on a weekend. Parking up I headed towards the rose garden. They could do with someone doing a lot of deadheading but those still flowering looked great.

A walk then through the African range

Then the Australian Bush section.

A big surprise was the Sturt Desert Pea, as a proud South Australian seeing this symbol of the state (excusing the fact that it was in Victoria at the time). What an amazing plant I hope you enjoy some of the pictures.

It also has a self drive section around the edge of the park with a number of stops along the way for either a picnic or walk.

The cafe was closed so I headed around to Orange World where I just missed the tour so stocked up on Vitamin C in both the round and juice variety.

Back to the park for a quiet afternoon and some pumpkin soup for dinner (thanks mum!)

It’s a Midlife Adventure