Day 32 – 16/6/2019

Well the gastro is getting better so off to some touring it was today. I must be getting further north by 9:30 when I left the van it was getting warm inside, smartly I still took a light jumper with me as that quickly changed.

The Harbour Side Markets were on and after a small fail (leaving my wallet behind) I had a walk around and picked up some salami, mixed lettuce and a Sourdough loaf with salt baked into the crust.

Harbour Side Markets

From there it was off to the nearby Dolphin Marine Conservation Park where I saw their daily main show and visited the displays. The park is no Seaworld but still interesting for a small park, more like the old Marineland in Adelaide (I’m sure they wouldn’t like that comparison!)

Dolphin Show

I also captured many of the other animals and enjoyed when one of the big snapper’s (why do I never seem to catch any that big!) went right along the window and scared the daylights out of the young girl looking through the next window.

From there I decided to visit The Clog Barn where they have a miniature village representing the many Dutch landmarks and where they produce clogs and other gifts.

Clogg Barn

More pictures of the individual buildings.

They have and attached cafe and I was starting to feel a bit peckish so enjoyed a small snack. 


I’ve extended my stay in Coff’s an extra night mainly due to some bad weather heading this way and not being in a rush to anywhere.

It’s a Midlife Adventure as I travel around Australia.