Day 6 – 22/5/2019

Packing up and hitting the road after a few days in Mildura, VIC it was nice to be back on the road again. Officially leaving Victoria and starting my journey through New South Wales.

The road between Mildura and Hay is pretty flat although 30 minutes of the journey was stuck behind a road train stuck behind a caravan going 80km/h in a 110km/h zone. They had managed to collect about 12 cars behind them and had more than one opportunity to pull over and let everyone past. I know that because I pulled over, anyway the journey today was around 296km.

Arriving at the Hay Caravan Park around midday I headed off for some much needed fuel getting it at 151.9 almost 10c/l more than I got it for in the Riverland.

One of the main tourist attractions in town is the Shear Outback, an exhibit all about shearing.

Arriving a little late for the shearing demonstration I rushed to the shearing shed.

Inside the small group were told about a day in the life of a shearer from a guy with over 25 years experience.

Explaining in detail the kind of wool that different regions and sheep provide he made a good point, sheep will always need a haircut, shearer’s will always have a job. He also said it was a good lifestyle being able to travel around and how each part of the team are important to the effective running of the shed.

A quick look around the rest of the centre before having some afternoon tea.

Having a drive around town it was nice to not have to fly through on the way to somewhere else, something that I am appreciating more with every day. I discovered the no longer used train station that has been restored and looks excellent.

The train station was the arrival point for many Prisoners of War during the WW2. Originally Italian and Hungarian then Japanese.

Tomorrow is back on the road again so just a short stay here.

It’s a Midlife Adventure