Day 33 – 17/6/2019

Well the weather was pretty well perfect all day so whilst my decision to stay was because of the weather being potentially bad, it was really nice spending the extra day here with the weather being really nice.

So down to the harbour where I thought I might get on a whale watching cruise, but none were going out so I walked to the top of Muttonbird Island at the end of the breakwater and had a look for whales up there.

View towards Coffs Harbour from Muttonbird Island

It was a whale traffic jam out there with at least 12 different whales spotted and watching them doing multiple tail slaps to communicate with others. I am pretty sure the communication was turn right ahead as there is a reef.

After about 30 minutes watching whales I headed back down the hill for lunch, which today was Fish & Chips from the Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op, I was very impressed I give it 9/10

From there it was a drive then walk around to the other side of the breakwater and walk along the wall.

Back at the caravan park I settled in to some reading time and an early dinner. Having had a big lunch today dinner was some of my market finds with some warm sourdough with salami.


It’s a Midlife Adventure