Day 36 – 20/6/2019

It’s time to get high!….

high up into the country side to the town of Nimbin, NSW, famous for it’s alternative lifestyle and dedication to the herbal alternative.

Hemp Embassy, Nimbin, NSW

To continue to develop my journey into the spiritual light I was off to the Nimbin Candle factory.

Nimbin Candle Factory

Now empowered to a new level of being I took on the challenge of activism and passion for the cause to be a Protester for the environment.

Protest Falls, NSW

Having completed this challenge it was time to communicate with the spirit beings.

Rock Art

This has set me on my new path

Path to Protest Falls

It is now that I can say Dam society and its rules, it holds us back from being all we can be.

Rocky Creek Dam

With my spiritual needs now focused I have Minyon over everything.

Minyon Falls, NSW

It was a whacky day on this Midlife Adventure.