Day 17 – 2/6/19

A day of rest or a restful day included a short drive out to the country town of Nundle, NSW about 60km from Tamworth. The brochure for the area made it seem like a good place to visit.

It was nice driving through the countryside and seeing the farming activities going on in the region.


The Chaffey Dam was looking a little on the low side but those lucky enough to farm nearby had good green fields.

The town of Nundle is very small with a craft and homemade cooking shop, cafe and pub. They also have a mine tour which for $5 is interesting although I have been through better mines.

The afternoon was spent wrapped up in the van as a big storm came over. They haven’t had a lot of rain so the little bit of rain here will surely help, but as tomorrow is a moving day if it wouldn’t mind being cleared up by the morning I would appreciate it.

It’s a Midlife Adventure