Day 25 – 10/6/2019

Being the Queens Birthday long weekend, I decided to pay her a visit, well the nearby Queens Lake Nature Reserve.

I haven’t done a lot of 4x4ing even having owned a Troopcarrier and a Prado. So with a friend from Adelaide visiting it was a good opportunity to see what the car could do.


There were some big hills which allowed me to get the car into Low Range and let the motor do its work. We came to a pretty big hill (after a number of bigish hills) and the wheels started slipping when I got to just short of the top. So carefully it was time to back down the hill. The car seemed to be eager to get back down the hill with a number of full locked wheels sliding down the hill.

It was much steeper than that picture looks I can assure you.

Successfully extracting myself (with help from my friend) we found our way to the lake.

Queens Lake, Bonny Hills, NSW

Check out the Midlife Adventure Facebook page I have put a photo on there you can see the full lake.

The road out was a lot easier although the signs suggesting private road did not align with the map provided by the NSW Government.

The car is looking a bit too dirty at the moment.

Dirty Car

We finished the day with a quick drive to Camden Haven, NSW.

It’s a Midlife Adventure