Day 14 – 30/5/2019

Having a look around at some of the things to do I discovered that the Paul Wild Observatory was nearby so off there for a visit.

This observatory is different to Parkes in that it has 6 dishes (of smaller size) in a line. These each get a different part of the message and they are joined together to generate the image of a 6km wide dish (which would be very impractical).

What is space telling us today?
Two more visible dishes

Moving on from there I was heading towards the national park and a walk to Sawn Rocks. On the way there there were some more Cotton fields that were not yet harvested.

Cotton on.

Arriving at Sawn Rocks I walked the path and was very impressed with the natural structure. It was also nice just to spend some time in the quietness of the bush.

Sawn Rock

Today is the last day in Narrabri so off to the RSL I went for tea.

It’s a Midlife Adventure