Day 24 – 9/6/2019

The weather was much better today getting back over 20 and clear skies.

With more markets to discover I headed North today to Kundabung, NSW where they had a small town market. Mainly people selling household goods and some performers singing, plus some chickens. Nothing that was going to help my van adventures but a lovely market and a pretty good steak sandwich.

Kundabung Market

I had also heard there was a market at Crescent Head, NSW a small beach town that was packed for the Queens Birthday long weekend. The market was 5 stalls selling nothing interesting but it was a nice area to have a look around. I did from the bluff see more whales but way too far out.

Crescent Head Channel

Heading back into Kempsey, NSW the town was very quiet so I didn’t bother stopping. One place that had been being built when I was last in the region for work was the Slim Dusty Museum so I stopped in.

I’m currently reading the Slim Dusty book – Another Day, Another town an interesting read about his history.

The cafe serves a good selection of items and with Scone’s on the menu I needed to check the quality. They were pretty good, about a 7.5/10

Tonight at the caravan park an entertainer Errol Gray was performing in the BBQ area. Some great Aussie bush songs and a delightful way to spend some time.

It’s a Midlife Adventure