Day 16 – 1/6/2019

I’ve settled in here till Monday so today was off to the local market, which was a total of 5 stalls. For a town the size of Tamworth, NSW pretty disappointing, i’m sure i’ll find better markets along the journey.

Visiting the local attractions I headed off to the Golden Guitar, large guitar at the information centre.

Picking up some brochures from the attached information centre I headed to the nearby entertainment centre where they where holding the 2019 NCHA FUTURITY.

I had come across this event on Friday night looking for things to do. In short (and to the best of my knowledge) the cowboy/girl on horseback separates a cow from the herd then keeps it away as it tries to get back and the horse stops on a pin and heads in a different direction.

After heading back to my site I went back into town and had a look through the main street.

Slim Dusty & Joy McKean

Having picked up a really nice piece of steak yesterday at Barrabba, NSW I enjoyed it tonight.

It’s a Midlife Adventure