Day 23 – 8/6/2019

Well the weather has turned again with drizzle settling in all day, thankfully not as cold as last time and zero chance of snow.

Being a Saturday there were some markets on, heading first to the Port Macquarie Foreshore Markets. A bit underwhelming with many of the stall holders packing up at 10:00am due to the rain.

Port Macquarie Foreshore Markets

Another market being held in the area was the John Hill Market, which was also packing up when I went past (so I didn’t stop). Instead I headed to Taree, NSW where I had a look around town and stopped in at the Envirofair (not my normal kind of place and no bacon & egg rolls to be seen but lots of organic stuff.) So after a quick look around I got out of there.

Between Taree and Port Macquarie there is a number of signs for “Best Scones” and being about that time of the day I had to stop by to give them my rating.

Moorland Cottage

They were 8.5/10 in my opinion I’ll let you know if I find better.

With some spare time I went for a drive through the Crowdy Bay National Park, other than getting my car dirty there wasn’t much to report about this area but I did stay on the main track.

The positive was the exit of that track is a small town called Crowdy Head, where they have a really nice boat ramp and another lighthouse.

Crowdy Head Lighthouse

I decided to see if I could spot any whales today and it was a better day as there was a pod of 3 whales going past as I arrived. Sorry the picture isn’t great but they were a fair way out.

Whales 2A, 1 C

It’s a Midlife Adventure