Day 11 – 27/5/2019

Today is a bucket list day visiting the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Before leaving Adelaide I joined up for the Zoo’s SA program which gives you access to other zoo’s around Australia.

The weather wasn’t great with a big winter chill hitting over the last 24 hours in Dubbo, NSW, but with that not likely to change greatly in the next few days I went anyway.

You get to drive yourself from spot to spot around the park then take a short walk to each exhibit. There is also the option to Walk, Ride or hire a golf cart.

The exhibits offer an excellent opportunity to see the animals with raised banks above the fence line giving the impression that there is no barrier between you and the animals. I have seen a similar approach in the Singapore Zoo during my visit a few years back.

There is a good selection of African, Asian and Australian animals with a gallery at the bottom of this post.

Some highlights were the Lion who wanted to smile for his picture.

Lion at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

With a bit of rain around I found that the galapagos tortoise had the right idea hanging out in their heated enclosure.

After a long day at the zoo it was nice to have come back to the van and my Dreampot that had been cooking a pickled pork that I picked up on the weekend at the Forbes Market.

Good grub

I hope you enjoy my pictures from the day.

It’s a Midlife Adventure