Day 22 – 7/6/2019

Remaining in the Port Macquarie, NSW region for a while means getting to discover some of the tourist hot spots.

Today that meant a trip to Timbertown, NSW just out of Wauchope, NSW, where they have a recreation of what the region used to look like.

Timbertown, NSW

The park has a steam train and number of shops and buildings to discover including a small gold fossicking creek.

Heading back into Port Macquarie I went to the Tacking Point Lighthouse to see if I could see any passing Whales, unfortunately not today although they are reported to be in the area it was just a bit rough to see them.

Tacking Point Lighthouse
Whale Searching

It was then back to the caravan park to do some house keeping and my first time using portable washing machine.

Washing Machine

It’s a Midlife Adventure