Day 18 – 3/6/2019

I decided to make the move before the worst of the weather approached and head towards Armidale, NSW.

This saw me start my journey up into the mountains and found me in Thunderbolt country. Stopping in Uralla, NSW for a coffee I visited the McCrossin’s Mill which provides the story of Captain Thunderbolt and other interesting local stories.

After finishing my coffee down the main street I waited for the rain to pass and headed into Armidale, NSW.

Deciding to spend the night at the Showgrounds, this is the first departure from Caravan Parks this journey and so far I have been very happy with the decision (although the bathroom is a bit of a walk).

As can be seen in the picture above the weather has changed a lot from the past few weeks. The forecast for tonight includes the potential for snow.

Heater is on and i’m rugged up thanks BOM.

With the impending weather and my need to eventually get over the Great Dividing Range via Dorrigo i’ll be settling in here for a few days till there is a gap in the weather.

It’s a Midlife Adventure