Day 20 – 5/6/2019

Today was a big day moving from the bush to the beach and going over the great dividing range.

The road chosen was Waterfall Way that goes from Armidale to Dorrigo through to the coast. It also takes you from around 1000ft to sea level so a significant drop that had me concerned about how the van would go under brakes.

The first stop not far out of Armidale was Woollomombi, NSW to where whilst the water is currently not flowing the gorge is massive.

The rest of the trip saw me going through Ebor, NSW then to Dorrigo, NSW. It would be nice to have lots of great pictures of the journey including the waterfall at Ebor or the view from Dorrigo. However that wasn’t my focus today but I do highly recommend it for anyone in the region.

Arriving in Bonny Hills, NSW I will be settling down here for a while as a friend from Adelaide is coming up for a visit. I will spend the time exploring the region which I have visited previously for work but will be nice to have the time to visit properly.

Bonny Hills Beach

The sounds of the rolling waves do provide some very nice white noise. Tonight is the start of State of Origin, and as someone from Adelaide I could care less so Netflix it will be.

It’s a Midlife Adventure