Day 132 – 24/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Leaving Darwin, NT behind and heading south to Batchelor, NT.

Batchelor, NT
Welcome to Batchelor, NT

Batchelor is named after Egerton Lee Batchelor who was the first minister in charge after South Australia handed back the territory to the Federal Government.

During the war the RAAF had a base here

Batchelor Museum

The town was also the base of the Rum Jungle Uranium Mine from 1948 – 1971 and the museum is based at the site of the old Single Woman’s quarters.

Historic Arial Picture

The single women’s quarters were pretty basic but they saved up together and purchased a sowing machine and made their own curtains.

Example of Single Women’s Quarters

Then it was off to the Rum Jungle Lake.

Rum Jungle Lake

Settling back in at the Batchelor Holiday Park they have daily bird feedings and it was fun to watch the various birds come to feed.

So the journey continues on this Midlife Adventure.