Day 118 – 10/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Woops… in my enjoyment of a day watching TV at Barkly Station I went to start my car and nope it wouldn’t start. The van is really well setup for my power needs off the grid with two batteries and two solar panels that kick in. This works well … if I unplug it from the car as the system is designed to give priority to the car as you travel. Anyway another guest at the park was kind enough to give me a boost and I was off.

Another long stretch of road

Heading west I reached the intersection at Threeways, NT and hooked left. Driving through Tennant Creek, NT after a quick fill up it was down to the national park at the Devils Marbles about 110km south of Tennant Creek.

One of the big reasons to stay at the Devils Marble campground is to watch the sunset.

The huge rock boulders are actually really amazing to behold and they do look like some giants were playing marbles.

In reality they are large blocks of granite that over the years have shaped to what we see today, or in Aboriginal culture were the eggs of the rainbow serpent.

It’s an early night here as when the sun goes down it will come back up again and if the sunset is anything to go by the sunrise will also be spectacular.

Feeling amazed by nature on this Midlife Adventure.