Day 119 – 11/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

The sunrise at the Devils Marbles, NT did not disappoint. It was still crisp when I headed out in the dark a couple of hundred metres from the campground.

The sun took a while to show its head over the distant hills.

When it did the colours were spectacular.

Long shadows in the morning

Too soon it was time to head north and now that great tailwind is now a side wind and chewing up the fuel faster than I like.

Stopping in at the Tennant Creek, NT Telegraph Station that was once one of the major relay stations.

Tennant Creek Telegraph Station

At the time it was one of the most remote stations that had to be very self sufficient particularly during the wet season.

Continuing north the original plan was to stay at the Banka Banka Station, however arriving around 10:30am I decided to keep going north and put some km behind me.

Castle Hill

Around early afternoon I had done enough travelling, determining that shortly after an idiot driving a motor home decided to speed up as I went to pass them on a straight section of road when the condition of the road on the passing side changed significantly making it more difficult to pass. After successfully passing I was sure to let the other driver know my level of satisfaction of their driving skills via the UHF, handy they are relatively short range radios.

Dunmarra Roadhouse, NT
Dunmarra Roadhouse, NT

Settling in a Dunmarra Roadhouse, NT I enjoyed a steak sandwich with chips. I would travel the country again to come back here for their chips, I don’t recall having chips that good since I was a child. I wish I knew their secret!

Dunmarra Roadhouse, NT

Across the road is a small pond and windmill, making the sunset and reflections amazing.

Another amazing day on this Midlife Adventure with both sunrise and sunset highlights of the day (next to the chips!)