Day 125 – 17/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

Continuing my journey of Exploring Katherine, NT today it was the Katherine Outback Experience came well recommended by the Information Centre and Shady Lane Caravan park so I was looking forward to see what was on offer.

Katherine Outback Experience
Katherine Outback Experience

The morning show on a Tuesday is an extended show due to the Ghan being in town on the journey up from Adelaide.

They have some animals around the yard that you can pat while waiting for the show to start.

Exploring Katherine
Young Brahman Cattle

The start of the show starts with some horse training, the team take in unbroken horses and the first part of the show demonstrates how they build the confidence of the horse towards eventually being able to ride and further train it.

Tom also shows how through training you can get the horse (a different horse) to lie down.

We are also entertained by Tom Curtain performing some of his Golden Guitar winning songs.

We then were introduced to some of the other animals from the property which we get a chance to pat.

Moving across to the larger area the Dog’s take centre stage and we get to see how dogs are trained to help stock men.

Herding Goats.

We then get to see how well trained horses can operate as a paired team.

Not a job for the faint hearted

Tom then demonstrated how they train camp drafting with a mechanical cow.

Tom Singing whilst Drafting without a rein

After this it was time for some yummy afternoon tea.

With a couple of young puppies to entertain everyone… well they entertained me… now did I return it afterwards…

On the way back to Katherine one of the nearby properties has a Texas Longhorn in the front yard, i’m sure it was a descendent of those from Charters Towers a few weeks back.

Texas Longhorn

With the Ghan in town it was a good opportunity to watch it leave so I made my way to the train station and watched the 40 carriages go by, no lack of passengers using rail these days.

Ghan heading to Darwin

The evening was also full of entertainment heading off to Marksie’s Stockman’s Camp Tucker Night.

Marksies Stockmans Camp Tucker Night

Another highly recommended place to visit by the Shady Lane Caravan Park I knew it would be a good night.

On arrival Marksie welcomed everyone and directed them to their location for the evening where we got the opportunity to chat with other guests. I had one couple who have been travelling full time for 7 years and a nurse just relocating to a nearby area.


Mark took us back to 1919 Wave Hill Station after a hard day out managing stock over 100 stockmen would return hungry and ready for a feed.

Dinner cooking up

To prepare for dinner hygine is important so we washed our hands, however we used Wattle Soap. The dried plant rubbed between your hands when wet produces a soap like substance and also leaves you hands smelling great.

Dinner was a stew with 16 different Australian Bush Fruits and Spices. Marksie has learnt from many of the Aboriginal women their secrets and this has helped inspire him in what he prepares.

Stew Served with Damper

Marksie then shared some “true” bush stories and showed us how to spin the billy tea which we enjoyed with some Gem Scones.

A great night was shared by all as the moon rose over us.


Back at the campsite I spotted a little lizard in the bathrooms and not somewhere I would normally have a camera I happened to have one with me tonight.

The journey in Katherine, NT continues tomorrow on this Midlife Adventure.