Day 121 – 13/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

It is really nice not to have to pack the van up and whilst a sleep in isn’t likely to happen I can rest in the van for a bit longer.

Mataranka Homestead and Rainbow Springs
Mataranka Homestead

The campground at Mataranka Homestead is right on the boundry of the Elsey National Park.

The main aspect of this park is the Rainbow Spring.

Rainbow Springs
Rainbow Spring

From here thermal spring bubbles to the surface then follows the creek bed to a swimming area.

Mataranka Thermal Spring Pool

The area can be inhabited by freshwater crocodiles, although I didn’t see any during my stay.

The pool runs at a constant 33 degrees and with a good flow and with a sand base provides crystal clear water.

The area around the pool was built by the army during WWII for rest for the troops.

We of the Never Never – Replica

The story of Jeannie Gunn’s life at Elsey Station is captured in the movie We of the Never Never. I don’t recall having seen the movie but will be chasing it down once I have internet access again.

Basic living then

Unfortunately I have discovered the Nathan Griggs whip show that was on last night (that I didn’t attend) won’t be on again until after I leave. My bad in not checking, he is a very talented whip cracker and having recently purchased a whip I am not having much luck getting to work correctly.

Well the thermal pool has done it’s job on these weary bones so that’s a wrap on another day on this Midlife Adventure.