Day 131 – 23/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

The day started out with some love and care for the van with a Mobile Caravan repairer coming to the site to lube it up for the next 10,000km.

That made it a good time to do a wash of the sheets and towels etc before I start the journey through to WA.

I also took the chance to restock ahead of the next part of the journey through to Broome, WA.

The afternoon was into the heart of Darwin, NT and onto the Stokes Hill Wharf.

Stokes Hill Wharf, NT
Stokes Hill Wharf 1942

Stokes Hill Wharf and the ships in the harbour were pretty much destroyed by the Japanese bombing so I ensured to keep an ear out for any incoming aircraft.

Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum

I headed into the Royal Flying Doctor Service Museum on the wharf which has two key sections. The first dedicated to the 1919 bombing and the second to the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Story boards about the bombing

Unlike most of the museums I have been to this one is using some great technology to help bring the stories to life. In addition to the story boards they have VR headsets where you can see what it was like in Darwin Harbour during the bombing. They also have overhead displays and a holographic theatre.

Rev John Flynn

The theatre has two shows, the first on the bombing of Darwin and the second on the story so far of the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Actual RFDS Plane

There isn’t a lot of room to move on this plane but when its your lifeline you’d be very happy to see it approaching in the sky. They still play a major part of life today for not only those that live in the bush but for those like me travelling through it. At $5000 each time one of these has to take off and the fact that each pilot a year does enough km to travel to the moon 3 times it is a vital service.

Charles Darwin

Located just behind the RFDS Museum is Dock 3 which was excellent as this was where my sunset cruise of Darwin Harbour Sunset Cruise would depart from… you’d almost think I planned it!

Inside Tables & Bar

I had a spot secured for me out on the bow of the boat.

We were given the mandatory safety drill where we were reminded that if we had to abandon ship we should all line up for a group picture with our life jackets on to put on Facebook because its important to capture these special events!

Sun heading towards the horizon

Well the sun did what it does every day and dipped behind the horizon. The next time I see this over water will probably be Broome, WA.

Just about to set

Well with that out of the way it was time to eat!.

Buffet was the order of the night with South Australian Oysters, Tiger Prawns, Chicken, Beef, Fish and salad we were well catered for.


We plotted around the harbour, not sinking unfortunately so no social media post!

So then wrapping up another excellent adventure around Darwin, NT and another memorable experience on this Midlife Adventure.