Day 128 – 20/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today it is off to the Territory Wildlife Park near Berry Springs, NT just out of Darwin.

Territory Wildlife Park
Territory Wildlife Park

The park is based on animals that you would encounter in the territory and spread over a large footprint.

I headed out on foot to start with heading to see the Buffalo.


This one was pretty friendly and up for a pat really just like a big friendly cow and the females make good milk for producing cheese!

At 11am it was time to walk over to the Flight show where we got to see a number of different birds come out including this excellent Owl.

Brahminy Kite

The Brahminy Kite was also cool as I have seen many kite’s on the roadside as I have been driving along but I don’t recall seeing one of these.

Something I do remember seeing is some Wedge Tailed Eagles and one that was much bigger than the one on display today that is still an excellent memory.

Wedge Tailed Eagle

A bush chook (Emu) made an appearance.

Dropping in for a visit I learned that the bird I had thought was called a Jabiru is actually called a Black Necked Stork.

With the bird show complete it was time to head onto the bus as all this walking in the heat was getting a bit much.

First I headed off to the Nocturnal Section.

Bird – Unknown

They had some snakes, rats and other nocturnal animals.

From here it was off to the Aquarium.

Underwater Tunnel

Stocked with some Barramundi and other fish I tried to work out how to get one of those big barra’s to come home for dinner.


The Crocodile was enjoying some sun, I’m sure he would have equally enjoyed eating me (revenge for the other night I guess). I’ll be only too happy if this is as close as I get to one of these this trip!


Next stop was the Billabong, home to the pig nose turtle (which I didn’t see), pelicans (which I did) and freshwater crocodiles (that I didn’t). A short walk (well at this point I think i’d completed 6km so another couple of hundred metres doesn’t matter!) I arrived at the Monsoon Forest Walk.

The journey starts with a recreated Monsoon arriving which was actually really nice as the water spray helped cool me down.

Then it was on the Forest Walk which is an elevated walk with various exhibits as you walk through the forest.

Then you arrive in the big aviary and a large range of birds are on display including this one.

Another fun day on this Midlife Adventure as the weekend arrives and my journey of Darwin, NT region continues.