Day 129 – 21/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

19th Feb 1942 – Japan strikes Darwin, NT and War comes to Australia.

War comes to Australia
Courier Mail

The city had been evacuated of non essentials however 2000 citizens remained behind. At the time Darwin had very limited protection primarily being used as a sea port to supply locations further north.

Today’s visits were to the Darwin Military Museum and Australian Aviation Museum which also tell the story of the recovery after cyclone Tracy that occurred on Christmas day 1974.

Red dots = bombed locations in Darwin

The Military Museum has a 15 minute video about the bombing which uses pictures from the day with overlaid graphics to help demonstrate the circumstances of those raids.

Stories about those who were evacuated and that many people never returned. You also learn about the Post office staff of 9 who all perished when the post office took a direct hit.

After the initial bombing there was a second raid but the defences were boosted and it also led to much of the development of the Stuart Highway connecting Darwin and the South.

Replica Gun – Originals were sold for scrap when the war finished

There were 4 defensive guns placed around Darwin to help protect against further bombings.

There are quite a few exhibits around the park and information boards that provide good stories.

View of Darwin

Then it was off to the Australian Aviation Museum that continues the story of the War in Australia and is also the home of a B52 Bomber.

They are holding a big event this weekend to celebrate their new facade celebrating the 1919 Great Air Race.

They have a selection of displays but dominating across the hanger is the B52 bomber a gift from the US Airforce for Australia’s support.

An important part of any airline is the communications so it was good to see that it is celebrated here.

Provides either a recorded or live feed of ATC

I was also happy to once again see my favourite helicopter the Westland Wessex. Ok they crashed more than they should have but they look like a helicopter should!

Westland Wessex

So an informative day learning about the Day when War Came to Australia and the impact on Darwin.

That’s a wrap from another day on this Midlife Adventure.