Day 97 – 20/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

The journey around Australia really continues now having ticked off the Cape York as a success. So it was pack up and move on from Mt Carbine and driving about an hour south to the town of Atherton, Qld.

The drive takes you through farming land and hills where the views are breathtaking.

The town of Mareeba, Qld is great and I found out that on the weekend the drive in cinema ran a double feature but also allowed camping at the back of the park, unfortunately I missed that but those who went really enjoyed the night.

The town of Atherton, Qld is a small farming hub and only a short drive through to Cairns.

Town Welcome Sign

One of the unfortunate things about many of the towns I go through is that they have these great welcome signs, but no parking so very difficult to get a picture of.

With the UHF Arial breaking during the Cape York trip a visit to the local Auto Electrician had that sorted and he also fixed the headlight that the connection had come loose on.

I then headed to the shops to restock on some items, mainly salad to have with the big cook up from last night.

The most surprising issue then was that it was only 12, I’d had a busy morning. I however headed back to the caravan and set about re arranging the items in the car and caravan.

So not many pictures today but that was my day on this Midlife Adventure.