Day 47 – 1/7/2019 – Happy New Financial Year

It’s a staple of the Sunshine Coast and with some improved weather it was off to Australia Zoo.

On arrival it dawned on me that it was the first day of school holidays as lots of young excited (annoying) kids joined the queues.

I have been to Australia Zoo once before about 6 years ago so it was nice to see how it had changed over the years since I was last there. The new Africa/Bindi’s Island area was in early construction when I was last there.

Australia Zoo Welcome

I headed in that direction first and saw the African animals including the Tigers.


At midday it was time for the Croc Show and as a surprise today the Irwin’s were all present. With all of their busy interests this is not always the case but they present a great show and the pre show activities including the bird show is very well presented.

There was the croc jump. Although I have seen a full tail walk in my previous trips to Darwin it is still impressive to see them jump out of the water.

Then Robert gets the croc to do some death rolls.

A nice find on the walk around was a baby Koala.

Baby Koala

The park continues to grow and they have expanded their Hospital but I didn’t attend that today.

As you can imagine there were many pictures taken during the day, below are a small selection of those that I hope help spark your interest in visiting if you are in the area.

That may be the last Zoo/Wildlife park for a while as I head north on this Midlife Adventure.