Day 80 – 3/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

It’s been raining since I arrived in Cairns, Qld but there are some fine patches, although really it’s hard to complain when its still 20+ degrees all day and shorts are the go in the middle of August.

Today it was off to the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum just on the outskirts of Cairns.

Australian Armour & Artillery Museum

This is a big complex with tanks from around the world and throughout the wars.

I would think that some serious reinforcing went into the concrete in this place to hold all that weight.

The thing that surprised me the most was that none of these machines were built with comfort as a consideration. The insides are very rudimentary but they are very solid with some very big guns.

I could imagine taking one of these up the cape I doubt I’d have any trouble with the OTT or Crocodiles.

With so many exhibits here is a taste of what’s available to be seen.

On the way back into town it was off to the Rusty Street Markets and whilst I would normally buy big at such a great market I am downsizing my goods for the upcoming travel with limited space.

Rusty Street Market

The selection and prices were very good and it was like the Adelaide Central Markets once were.

The afternoon was pretty quiet sitting back at the site doing my best to keep dry but the rising water forced me inside.

Water’s Rising.

I hope the weather starts to improve but that may not be until Monday so we’ll see what tomorrow brings on this Midlife Adventure.