Day 109 – 1/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

Spending so much time lately out in the bush and at stations, the romance of the bush that attracted poets such as Banjo & Lawson to dedicate so many poems to it starts to rub off.

The Australian Stockman Hall of Fame in Longreach, Qld is a memorial to both the people and the way of life.

The museum has two shows a day show and a night show plus the Museum.

Unsung Heros

The Museum has stories of Unsung Hero’s around the wall, it is an amazing history of hard fought battles with the land and environment that the pioneers of Australia faced. It is really interesting taking the time to read their story and imaging the life they led.

The displays provide more information about the tools they used and the way they lived.

The story of the pioneers of the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service so important to those so remote.

A large section is dedicated to the stories of Aborigines that worked the land and whom without many of the early pioneers would not have survived without.

Then it was off to the Art Gallery.

One of the artworks that really stood out to me was this one representing the 1000’s of both men and horses from the bush that went out to fight in the wars from the Boer War.

Time for a bite for lunch and it was what I consider an Adelaide icon, the Pie Floater. Although this was more gravy that pea soup in my opinion.

The Daily bush show by Lachie Cosser covers the upkeep and training of stock horses.

Unorthodox way of cleaning horse shoes

The horses are very well trained allowing him to ride bareback and sit on them whilst he plays guitar.

Comfy chair

There is of course some riding including a bull.

At the end of the show you can meet the horses and the dogs.

Then it was time to go back to the caravan park for a while and being a Sunday there was not a lot to do around town following the tradition of shops staying closed.

Dinner Area

The evening show started at 6pm where a different show with Lachie and his kids is performed.

Whip Work

With whips cracking and horse (wo)manship on display.

And some trick riding that delighted the crowd.

Then it was time for dinner a BBQ cook-up with plenty of food for all.

The meal was some really good grub and followed by desert of Pav or Pudding.

Whilst eating Lachie entertained us with some iconic country songs.

So another full day on the Midlife Adventure and thankful for all of the work of those from the bush allowing me to enjoy steak and lamb.

Also a Happy Father’s Day to the fathers particularly my own back in Adelaide.