Day 107 – 30/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

It was only a quick stop in at Emerald, Qld as I continue the journey west.

Some of the scenery as you head into the flatlands coming out of the hills were picture perfect. Unfortunately I don’t have the kind of gear to do that kind of scenery justice but it was just stunning.

There is a lot of straight driving heading west, and at times the roads are very bumpy but there isn’t much traffic so you just make your way along and pass when you need to which is easy due to the straight zone but difficult when the road isn’t wide enough.

The first town you arrive in is Alpha, Qld.

Alpha Sign

Due to heading out early I stopped in at the Bakery and grabbed a pie for morning tea.

The next stop was at Jericho, Qld, not much happening here but they have their protector.


It was then on to Barcaldine, Qld which has great parking for caravan’s

Wall Art

I walked up to the main street, where I stopped at the Tree of Knowledge.

With my audiobook about Banjo Patterson, I was already aware of the story of the Tree of Knowledge. Barcaldine, Qld was the base of the Shearers Strike of 1891 and in 1892 the manifesto that led to the creation of the Labor Party was read out at this location.

Unfortunately in 2006 someone poisoned the tree and it died, the shape above the tree represents the trees canopy.

On the whole Barcaldine, Qld is an interesting town with an interesting history. It is also an area in drought so many of the farmers are struggling and it is nice to be able to stop in these kind of communities.

Stopping at the Shakespeare Hotel for lunch (Steak, Egg & Chips), I headed into the Australian Workers Heritage Centre.

A museum dedicated to all things Union and the Labor Movement, I did feel a little out of place. However it is a really informative centre and focuses on the various unions and their stories.

Including the rail union who helped build the Kurunda Railway that I travelled on during my stay in Cairns.

The track gave way

The Australian Workers Union is a group that I have had a bit to do with over the prior 12 months as we assisted with their implementation of an ERP system. So I think this means I can call this trip a work expense now?

AWU Hall

To celebrate the Bicentennial Year (1988) this tent did a roadshow around Australia. It is now permanently located in Barcaldine at the Museum.

One thing I did notice about many of the exhibits at the centre was this sign.

I guess they are waiting on union labour to come fix it?

Here is a gallery of other items I discovered during the walk around.

Heading a short way out of Barcaldine, Qld I was on my way to Lara Station Wetlands that operates as a Bush Camp.

A short 8km trip along a dirt road and you arrive at the wetlands.

Driveway into Lara Station Wetlands Campground

On getting the caravan setup it was obvious just how special this place was (and quite cheap!)

Being a Friday night they do a cook-up and tonight was Pea & Ham Soup, Silverside with veg & Damper with jam/cream for desert.

Sunset was pretty spectacular.

We enjoyed dinner and a campfire.

Then it was back to my campsite where I was blown away by the night sky, being so far away from any cities the night sky was full of stars. However as it does out here, it got a bit cold and I headed back to the warmth and comfort of my bed.

Here are some additional pictures from my time at Lara Station.

That’s a wrap on another day on this Midlife Adventure.