Day 55 – 9/7/2019

It was an early start today as there are Dolphin’s that need feeding. The trip to Tin Can Bay, Qld was mainly due to this opportunity as there are only a few places in Australia where you can do this.

Close to Sunrise

The Dolphin’s come in at around 8 but you need to get there early which was fine as the location is also a cafe so there is a really good way to pass the time while you wait for them.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast

The Dolphin’s are only fed a limited amount each day and having already swum with Dolphin’s in Mexico I was happy to watch the event from a distance.

Dolphins waiting to be fed

For an extra $5 for you get to go down and feed them a small fish. They limit the number of fish that they get fed each day to ensure that they still go and fish for themselves but have been doing this for generations of Dolphins.

Dolphin being Fed

So with the dophin’s all fed and myself the same by 9am I had a relaxing day at the campsite. I haven’t had enough of them on the journey so far but as I start heading north I will be scheduling more in.

So that’s a wrap on another day in this Midlife Adventure and it’s on the road further north tomorrow.