Day 94 – 17/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

Departing Punsand Bay around 8am I started the journey south.

The journey was pretty easy through to the ferry where I got straight on. Some days there can be a 2 hour wait to get across.

About 2 hours from the ferry is the half way point of the Old Telegraph Track and at that break you can access the road through to Fruitbat Falls and Eliot Falls.

Arriving around 10:30 I had the falls to myself just as the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Fruitbat Falls

The best part about these falls is that there are no croc’s in the water and you can take a swim. I did get in but only to my knees but it was quite nice.

Heading further down the track and you arrive at the carpark for Eliot & Twin falls which has a well defined track you can follow

Eliot Falls
Twin Falls

There is a bit of a river crossing to the Eliot Falls however a simple chicken track suited me.

Yeah no thanks!

Back onto the Bamaga Road its condition hadn’t improved since my journey up.

Corrugated Road

Some roads are good and sometimes you can find a line that is easy to stick to, some times the roads are crap and you just have to put up with it until you’re past the worst.

5 minutes of the Bamaga Road

You might notice my UHF antenna didn’t make it this far, it fell off whilst I was coming back from the Tip.

However some times the road is better than freeway and you can get going on it.

Arriving at Bramwell Roadhouse I got some pictures of the termite mounds and for comparison have parked my car next to one of them.

About 5km down the road is the Bramwell Station which operates a campground.

Bramwell Station

The accommodation is basic but comfortable.

They also do a nightly dinner and show which is a great experience and chance to join with those travelling up and back down from the tip of Cape York.

Meat and stuff its good!

You are entertained at the moment by The Bagman.

The Bagman

Dessert is also really nice and a few liquid refreshments were enjoyed!

The Bagman has put together a song about Cape York.

After another big day on this Midlife Adventure I settled in ready for the slog back to Mt Carbine, Qld.