Day 60 – 14/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

That’s pretty much 2 months on the road and some great adventures to come as I continue my journey up the coast.

Following the excitement of yesterday today was a quieter day that started with a sleep in to keep warm.

On facing the world I was off to a market, with a busy week ahead I needed to restock. The Shalom Markets operate every Sunday from the Shalom Catholic College.

The market is a good mix of fresh fruit/veg, second hand books, arts/crafts and people selling second hand goods.

Today’s haul included lettuce mix, cherry tomato’s, Capsicum, marinades, strawberries. I was pretty happy with that mix and i’m still working my way through items from the previous week.

Being in Bundaberg, Qld it was off the Bundaberg Distillery the makers of Bundy Rum.

I have previously done the tour so decided to give that a miss. Although a lot of work has been done since my last visit as they and the Bundaberg region suffered a massive flood a few years back.

They have a shop/tasting room and I did find something new a Banana and Toffee Liquor.

Banana and Toffee Liquor

It was very nice, and could assist getting very drunk very fast.

The process of distilling rum is molasses an offshoot from the nearby sugar processing, so the success of the distillery is linked to the success of the sugar processing in the region.

Sugar Cane

From this the cut cane is transported to the mill by train.

From here it is processed into sugar products.

One of the joys of travelling is the people you meet along the way and my neighbours at Elliot Heads Caravan park, invited me to join them for Roast Dinner at the nearby bowls club.

The meal was really nice and it was great to have a night off from cooking. It was also really nice to spend some time with others on their various travels including many from Victoria heading north to escape a cold Melbourne winter that I know very well.

So life is very sweet on this Midlife Adventure here in Bundaberg.