Day 82 – 5/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Well there are no pictures for today. This was scheduled as a prep day as I leave the big towns behind and start the journey to the tip of Cape York, Qld.

So the morning started off with washing my clothes. Then some van maintenance which led to me resting my hand accidentally on the door light which proceeded to break apart. A quick trip to the local Jayco dealer and that was easily sorted (they had a few so I think this might happen a bit).

Then it was off to stock up for the trip keeping it pretty easy for the trip with some protein and stuff to mix with protein.

I then did some vehicle maintenance and discovered that the coolant had dropped so off to buy some more, thankfully all other levels seem right, so hope that its ready for the journey ahead.

I had arranged for some replacement dust protectors for under the wheel arches to arrive which they did and after a quick trip back after getting the wrong part from Cairns Toyota I fitted them.

So its moving day again tomorrow, there may be some delay in posting from this point as I have limited internet access. I will do some catching up as soon as I am able and look forward to sharing the journey of this Midlife Adventure.