Day 79 – 2/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

A short drive has me in Cairns, Qld at the Cairns Coconut Family Park. This is the last big town before I head up to the cape so there is a planned few days here to discover the region and prepare for the trip.

The Cairns waterfront is at low tide not like the brochures.

Cairns Waterfront

Cairns waterfront has a nice park along the water front but the water was a long way out today due to the tidal nature of the bay.

I drove around the town to get a feel for the area the waterfront area isn’t like Townsville, Qld that has a very active waterfront.

After some shopping it was back to the park for some quiet time (good luck it’s a family (lots of kid’s) park.

One nice element of the park (other than the onsite bar/cafe) is the free herb garden for guest to enjoy. The park is one of the highest rated parks in Australia with a big resort feel.

However I have a few nights of Curried Sausages that I made to enjoy so I didn’t need any.

With rain forecast for the weekend it’s time to plan my activities over the next few days for this Midlife Adventure.