Day 104 – 27/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

With over 16,000km completed since leaving Adelaide in May and some of that on difficult terrain through the PDR on Cape York it was off to get the car a service with one of the issues the Power Steering fluid had degraded with the large amount of towing.

Heading inland from here through to Darwin, NT it was also a last chance to be near a major centre for a while in case something major was required.

Thankfully nothing too significant was an issue so I headed into town to have a good look around.

Charters Towers – Main Street

Then it was off to the nearby Towers Hill and the lookout.

Towers Hill

The signage tells the story of Charters Tower, Qld including during the war when the American’s were stationed here and during the gold rush.


From there it was back to the caravan park where I reinstalled my spotlights after they came off second best during the trip to the cape.

So another day on the more quiet side on this Midlife Adventure.