Day 114 – 6/9/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Heading out from Julia Creek, Qld at 8am, it didn’t take long for me to get into Cloncurry, Qld.

I did get the experience on passing two road trains hauling cattle, heading the same direction. I called them on the UHF let them know my intentions and they were both very friendly and no issue in passing them.

Cloncurry, Qld was the original home base for what became the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Rev John Flynn with a group of others and the help of the new Qantas Airlines saw the need and started the service to help those in the bush.

Rev John Flynn

The flying doctor service and the communications services they setup made the bush seem less isolated and helped manage emergencies in what was then a very undeveloped bush and today is just as critical when road services could take many hours to arrive.

Painting of injured person and the arrival of the Flying Doctor

A replica of their first plane that was modified by Qantas to cater for patients and doctors is on display.

Replica Plane

Interesting fact is it was the same network built to cater for the needs of the Flying Doctors that were also used to support the work of the School of the Air.

Heading into town to do some shopping I then made my way to the Chinaman Creek Dam lookout.

Day 114 - Arriving into Cloncurry, Qld on my journey west I went to the Flying Doctors Museum, Chinaman River Dam and Mary Kathleen Mine.
Looking back towards Cloncurry, Qld

The water tower has been painted up representing the elements of the town.

Water Tank

The nearby dam is a nice picnic spot.

Around the Dam is some great 4×4 tracks including one across the bottom of the dam.

That is a bit different from 2016 when it last overflowed.

Just out of town is a memorial to the passing through that area by Burke & Wills.

Burke & Wills Memorial

Shortly after stopping for this I saw a massive Wedgetail Eagle just off the road, but unfortunately with no where to stop to get a picture. Not long after that my Prado hit a milestone to celebrate it the gearbox and weather helped to add to the occasion.

In 3rd Gear in 33 degree heat my car hits 333,333 km.

Heading out to the Mary Kathleen Uranium mine that was dismantled in 1982 with only the slabs of concrete from the buildings left behind and now used as a camping spot.

The concrete slabs give you an idea to the size of the town which at one time serviced 1200 people.

In the disused mine water has collected and now has a beautiful colour that makes you want to go swimming in it. Just not sure you wouldn’t start to glow the same colour afterwards… it was a uranium mine remember!

No filters here it is a bright blue

After a few days in very flat country being back into some hills is very interesting and the views from some of the nearby tracks are amazing!

The flowers are also in bloom as I am sure my hay fever will notice in the next few days. Extra credit for anyone who can identify both of them.

Whilst the buildings were removed some items were left behind due to being to heavy to lift.

Then it was back to Cloncurry, Qld to rest up from another big day on this Midlife Adventure.