Day 85 – 8/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today is the big day the journey to the top of Australia really starts as I leave behind the caravan and make the way north up the Cape York Peninsula.

The view as you head over the Great Diving Range (much easier without a caravan behind) are stunning.

Another view.

Untouched bush.

There is still farming near Lakeland, Qld with Banana’s and other fruits grown in the tropical ranges.

Blurry bananas

I got an early start and there isn’t a lot of traffic so large distances are covered easily and at this stage it is all sealed roads.

As I arrived into Lakeland, Qld randomly this song came from my 1000’s of songs on my phone. Had I planned it I couldn’t have got it timed any better!.

One of the first items mentioned in this song is these big black rocks at Black Mountain, Qld.

Black Mountain, Qld

Located nearby Black Mountain is the Lion’s Den Hotel a not to be missed stop. Those travelling from Mossman, Qld via Cape Tribulation have this as their reward for the journey. Those coming from the direction I had will have to call the beer, Breakfast.

It has a museum of items collected over the years and is a great place to sit back and relax ahead of the journey to come.

Quarantine Bay is near Cooktown, Qld a nice beach where you could imagine relaxing. I even saw a Sea Turtle on the beach.

Closer view of the Turtle.

Ok it was dead and it stunk and when I went for a walk up the beach there was sounds in the bush so I decided that it might be a good time to get the heck out of there and find the safety of Cooktown.

Cooktown, Main Street.

The town is named after Captain Cook who’s boat run a ground here spent 7 weeks, met with Aborigines, until they overstayed their welcome refused to share some turtles.

Cooktown Foreshore

It was a day for seeing wildlife as nearby to where I parked was a snake, I didn’t bother to check what type.

It is possible that this was also dead.

There are a number of shops and parks in town.

Old Cooktown Railway Station

The old railway station was built to support the Gold coming out of Laura.

With all this touring I was hungry so off to the Pub and this time it was the Sovereign Resort, Cooktown.

Fish & Chips

This was pretty nice for fresh fish/chips with some refreshments. Until I think Queensland I hadn’t really been a big beer drinker over the years but I have been enjoying a few Great Northern‘s.

Then it was off to Grassy Hill Lookout which I could walk but when the car struggles to get up it, without the car… I would have probably made 5 meters.

View of Cooktown, Qld

The view of the lighthouse out to sea is also very good.

It’s the kind of place that watching sunrise would be great…

However it was not sunrise so off to Peninsula Caravan Park to setup camp for the first night.

The night was spent sitting in the car watching some TV before hitting the bed early for some rest on this big Midlife Adventure.