Day 90 – 13/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

After a restful night it was time to move into my home for the next 4 nights. A beachfront cabin of sorts.

Beachfront Cabin

The beachfront cabins are very basic, some shadecloth and timber, they don’t actually keep a lot out and I doubt their resistance against a croc. They have two single beds but they are comfy enough and the view, well have a look at this.

The Croc Tent is an institution for any Cape York, Qld trip and if you are like the tourist that was overheard whilst I was there and expecting it to have a croc, you’ll be disappointed! However it will take a bite out of… your wallet. Its a gift shop on the road to the tip and not really near anything.

I picked up a few memento’s including a Cape York fishing polo shirt.

As I was out and about I did a quick trip into Seisia, Qld to have a look around. I ended up at the wharf where there was some fishing, taking note of that for another day.

Time for dinner and tonight is no eating out, I am a reasonable cook with some provisions.

Sausages, Spaghetti and Veg

With a full tummy and a great view sunset was spectacular.

Sunset over Punsand Bay

With the sun set and dinner had it is possible I snuck down to the bar and had dessert of the liquid variety.

So it’s off to bed on this Midlife Adventure looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings.