Day 96 – 19/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

Having enjoyed the night back in my own bed in the caravan I spent some time sorting out the car before heading into Port Douglas, Qld where I gave the car a much needed wash.

View towards Port Douglas

With a clean car I headed into Daintree Village, Qld.

The caravan park here also has a small museum with some interesting relics.

After a coffee I arranged a Crocodile Tour

Croc Express Tour – Daintree

Heading out from the wharf the tour guide provided some excellent commentary on the local area.


It was not long and we were onto our first crocodile who was sunning himself on the riverbank.

As we then made our way down the river we found one of the dominant males who run the territory.

Cruising Croc

He cruised alongside the boat for a while, this would be more concerning in NT but in QLD they don’t feed the croc’s so they have little interest in the boat, however I wont be going swimming in that river any time soon.

After the river tour it was off to the Daintree Ferry, what I think must be the second most expensive ferry ride in Australia per distance but again with options being eaten by croc’s I paid.

Making my way through the Daintree Rainforest was interesting but is mainly setup for accommodation so for day trippers other than some beaches you can’t swim in I did find it a bit…

I took the drive out to Cape Tribulation, Qld where the dirt starts and you can take the Bloomfield track through to Cooktown.

Heading back down towards the ferry I stopped in at some of the beaches which look very nice.

It was then back to the ferry for the return trip and part two of the Croc River Tour.

Again we saw a number of Crocodiles relaxing by the riverbank including Scar Face the dominant male from this section of the river who has no teeth but can still crush a fully grown cow.

Making my way back to Mt Carbine for the night and a big cook of all of the food I had taken and not yet eaten ready to move on in the morning.

Another great day with amazing sights seen on this Midlife Adventure and the end of the Cape York region.