Day 49 – 3/7/2019

The big markets on the Sunshine Coast can have around 600 stalls, that is the Eumundi, Qld Markets.

The markets parking was the first initial challenge to overcome but a couple of laps around the block had that sorted. I have to think that more parking might ensure that more people would attend as I imagine some people give up thinking its all too hard.

The parking will cost you around $6 if you can’t find some free parking and I would highly recommend avoiding the street parking as the council has a very tight control on over stayers and the market stay could cost you more than you were expecting. I paid the $6, it was just easier.

The market includes many hand made products, creams and similar and food options including fresh and cooked food. Not quiet a farmers market (which is more my favourite) but still a great selection and very interesting to see all of the products on offer.

Today’s haul included a large pineapple and a large punnet of Strawberries that will make some great additions to meals/desserts this week.

I also tried a Ginger Beer and it wasn’t as horrible as I remember it being as a kid.

Wrapping up it was off to near Brisbane to swap something purchased on the weekend where I was given the wrong product. An annoying way to spend an afternoon but it will be important for my trip to the cape so important to get it sorted out now.

The weather has turned again this afternoon with rain and wind so will see what tomorrow brings the man on the TV suggests Friday will be the worst of the weather.

So a quiet night here for this Midlife Adventure with lots of neighbours moving in for the middle weekend of the school holidays. I know for one I can’t wait till they all go back to school and leave me to enjoy my holiday.