Day 46 – 30/6/2019

The last day of a financial year, and as someone who has worked in financial software systems for 20 years, this would normally mean the hectic period would be well underway. This year, that’s all someone else’s problem, mine is just what I’m going to do tomorrow.

Today was off to Gympie, Qld to the Museum Sunday Markets. These markets are a mix of 2nd hand goods and some fruit and veg plus food options. Other than a mandarine juice there was nothing that suited today.

Gympie Markets

Whilst in town I had seen an information brochure on the Mary Valley Rattler train, and had some time so headed in to see if there was a chance to get on that. Thankfully there was a service leaving at 1:30 so I could jump on.

Heading through the hills to the small town of Aramoor, Qld I was treated to some cheese and wine during the journey.

Cheese Platter

Arriving in Aramoor the train goes on the turn table for the return journey, a very interesting thing to watch. For your viewing pleasure I have included it for you.

Mary Valley Rattler on Turn Table

The train then pulls up alongside for people to jump on the engine and have a look how a steam train works with the train driver. It then heads off to start the pull back.

It was a really nice day out and as the pictures show the weather has improved significantly.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below from the journey. (Remember clicking on them will increase their size).


Its another great day out living my #bestlife on this Midlife Adventure