Day 98 – 21/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

Back into the normal swing of things I did my research on the region and looked at some things to do, the Atherton Tablelands have a great brochure with all of the attractions in the region to visit.

Mural at Herberton

So heading up into the hills from Atherton, Qld I arrived at Herberton, Qld and after a morning coffee headed onto the Historic Village Herberton .

The village is a collection of 60 historic buildings from the region moved to this site and then setup as a little village.

Each building is dedicated to something particular so there is a Pub with all historic items from pub/hotels, then there is a school house with items from school.

This is one of the best presented museums I have ever been to with everything laid out in well arranged and not cluttered arrangements. This place is in my opinion a place of national significance with so much history for the future generations to see.

See how you go answering these questions.

There is a selection of restored and un-restored vehicles including farm equipment.

There is a Toy Store dedicated to toys from the era.

A Pharmacy with items and concoctions that were used to cure all ills.

Running every hour is a train that takes you back into Herberton, Qld to their workshop.

At the workshop you learn about some of the rail history and the work that the team of volunteers are doing to restore the section of the track between Herberton and Atherton and the rail carriage and steam train that will be operating again from December this year (2019).

Returning back to the Museum I had to head back to town for a mechanical check on the car which developed a squeak after its battering on the Cape York trip.

That only took a little while as they were able to diagnose the issue pretty quickly, so heading back to town I stopped in at the Gallo Dairyland

I arrived just in time to watch the cows being milked and was blown away how easy it was. The cows in an orderly fashion make their way to the carousel where the farmer adds the milking machine and when finished the water drops on their head, they reverse out and another cow takes its place.

They have a nursery with a range of animals including some little cows.

Having seen all of this milking it was time to see the final product.

Not a bad way to end another day on the Midlife Adventure.

There were so many things to see at the Historic Village Herberton that I couldn’t include them all above so here is a gallery.