Day 56 – 10/7/2019

Today it was off to Hervey Bay, Qld and the nearby town of Urganan, Qld. With out knowing at the time I headed the back way to avoid the Bruce Highway and that was great as an incident occurred causing the closure of the Bruce.

Arriving quite early was nice as I could setup and explore the region which is a nice town with many very full caravan parks, motels and hotel apartments available for those visiting.

Returning back to the park it was off for a bit of fishing along the Urganan Pier.

The pier is 868 meters long and I can say I’ve walked all 868 meters of it.

There would be times in the boat that we’ve gone out less distance than this from shore but a major sandbar means its the only way to get to deep water.

From the pier you can see Fraser Island, Qld so I’ve got very close to making it to Fraser but just short.

Well the fishing report is pretty sad but I did catch some fish, I even managed to pull one in on plastic however nothing worth keeping or cleaning.

After settling in for the night I was on my way back to the van and noticed the bat’s flying in the sky towards Fraser. This happens quite often overhead of my parents place but the quantity was staggering.

The fishing might not be great but on this Midlife Adventure that is still a good day.

Happy State of Origin Final 2019 game…..