Day 92 – 15/08/2019 on a Midlife Adventure

Having a restful night with a sense of achievement, it was time to get up very early (again) and make my way into Siesia, Qld to get the boat for the Three Island Tour.

In Bamaga, Qld and Siesia, Qld you will see horses just randomly walking around town, apparently they are quite friendly.

After watching the 8am Thursday Island ferry boat depart our boat was launched off the beach.

Big boat to be launching from the beach

Dave our captain for the day did a quick briefing and we were off heading to Horn Island, Qld.

Briefing where we were heading

The trip over was a bit bumpy but as a seasoned fisherman I didn’t mind the journey.

Croc resting

As we approached Horn Island I noticed what I thought was a log on the beach but pointing it out to Dave he slowed down and we got a great look at this likely female Croc.

Arriving Horn Island

Our first stop on the Island was to the Torres Strait Heritage Museum, which is dedicated to those who were stationed here during the war where the Cape York region was bombed more than Darwin, yet rarely covered.

The museum has collected stories and artefacts from those stationed in the area.

There were so many great exhibits see some of the items in the gallery below.

We also had time to have a look around the shop before jumping back on the boat and heading over to Thursday Island, Qld.

Arriving on the island we went up to the shade area.

The tour includes a taxi tour of Thursday Island and our driver who lives on nearby Prince of Wales Island and travels each day across to Thursday Island.

Thursday Island has one major industry. Government. Both federal and state governments have offices of all sorts on the island. Not a bad job if you can get it!

The tour goes through town, along the foreshore and up to the fort.

The fort also has a great view over the town.

View over Thursday Island towards Horn Island

The bakery in town has a special item and we were lucky enough to get some reserved for us. Crayfish Pie!

Crayfish Pie

It had some large chunks of crayfish in there and was in a creamy sauce, although $15/e it was a great bite.

However with the promise of a free lunch (due to not going on the tour the day prior), my appetite was still going good.

Lunch was at the most northern pub in Australia.

Australia’s most Northern Pub

After lunch I had a quick look around town and headed back onto the boat for the trip to Friday Island, Qld and the Kazu Pearl farm where those wishing can buy some pearls and those who don’t wish can have a cup of tea or coffee.

Kazu Pearl Farm

The journey back started pretty good in the protection of the islands but as we stepped out of that protection the seas were messy as the region is often facing 7 knot current.

Grumpy Seas

However we all made it back safely and it was back to Punsand for another restful night after a big day on this trip to Cape York on a Midlife Adventure.

Below is a gallery of other shots from my tour to Thursday/Friday Islands.

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Punsand Bay