Day 75 – 29/7/2019 on this Midlife Adventure

As a travel day it started with the normal routine of packing the van up.

It was only a short drive through to Ingham, Qld from Townsville, Qld about 100km. I arrived a little to early to check in so found a park and waited there.

On arrival to the Ingham Tourist Park, I got setup pretty quickly, had lunch and went out touring and shopping.

Station Hotel, Ingham

It’s a small town that had a massive flood in 2018 that they seem to have recovered from.

The nearby beaches are quite nice first I went off to Forrest Beach, Qld

Forrest Beach, Qld

The beaches look great although with signs like these around I tend to keep well away from the water.

Croc warning

Around the tropics is Fig Trees that have sent down roots from their limbs, it’s an impressive sight and will help hold them into the ground when the next cyclone hits.

Fig Tree

The nearby beach town of Lucinda, Qld has a shipping port but due to the tidal nature of the area the dock is a very long way out to sea.

Lucinda Port

The evening was spent listening to the birds and relaxing before dinner, what a hard life it is on this Midlife Adventure.