Day 78 – 1/8/2019 on a Midlife Adventure.

Today was a short drive of only 18km from Paronella Park, Qld so it didn’t take long to arrive however as I couldn’t check in this early I spent some time adding all of my fuel expenses so far into the Fuel Map Australia App.

So if you’re interested my average economy is:

  • 6.80 km/l
  • 15.16 l / 100km
  • 4.71km / dollar
  • $21.97 / 100km
  • Total distance travelled 10,618km with $2,433.39 in fuel

After setting up it was off to the Australian Platypus Park.

I like Platypus they are a weird animal but yet really fun, it is the quiet season for them so there was no guarantee of a sighting but I was fortunate enough to capture them.

I managed to also capture a picture, it is times like this I do wish I had brought my DSLR.

From there it was off to the Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walk and it did live up to the name, “Rain” forest.

Rain in a Rainforest – Who would have thought.

The park had 3 main viewing platforms that take you through the forest. The forest canopy was damaged during Cyclone Yasi in 2011 and the cycles of nature mean those plants on the forest floor that didn’t previously have access to the light are racing to become the new leaders.


Enjoy some sights from the day.

It is about 2km walk return and at the end is a viewing platform, the highest in Queensland. The view is very spectacular although I was happy to get back down to terra firma.

On the way back to camp I stopped in at Etty Bay, Qld where I had it on good information that there was a good chance of spotting the elusive Cassowary.


As you can see above I did, not the coloured one that is in all of the pictures but I still consider it a win.

Then for a drive back through Innisfail, Qld to look around town.

Much like Napier, NZ a rebuild in the 1918 due to cyclone many of the buildings have an ArtDeco appearance.

Due to a flood in 2018 much of the town still has signs of damage with cladding that has gone mouldy. It is easy to see those who were insured vs those who weren’t.

Innisfail, QLd

It is a great place to visit however my stop is brief as tomorrow the journey north continues for this Midlife Adventure.