Day 45 – 29/6/2019

With my hope I had done my research on a number of things to do today as the weather started to clear.

The first was the semi nearby town of Kenilworth, Qld for their Food Fest, that promised to be a Cheese and Wine festival.

Kenilworth Food Fest

The Kenilworth cheese factory had a selection of their flavoured cheeses available and there were some other stall holders.

There wasn’t much there that appealed to me but I did buy some smoked cheese and some pepper cheese, I’m sure I’ll find some things to add to it during my Sunday Markets visits.

The drive along the ridge line was very impressive with some great views none of which I have a picture.

From there it was off to the 4wd SupaCentre who were having their End of Financial Year sale where I picked up a Swag for my upcoming trip to the Cape where I will have to leave the caravan behind.

I had planned on then attending the Redcliffe Show, however on inspecting it the show was very small so instead a drive along the coast to Scarborough, Qld. Very impressive is the entrance to Redcliffe with a bridge over an expansive water way.

From there it was time to head back to the park for a quiet night in during this another day on a Midlife Adventure.